Snow White

Series: Elisha

Naaman, commander of the Assyrian army, was cleansed of leprosy and wanted to give gifts to Elisha. The prophets of God did not have much and a generous gift would go a long way. Elisha declined the offer, but Gehazi wanted the clothing and money for himself. He went behing Elisha's back and lied to Naaman so he could get what did not belong to him.  Elisha, and God, knew what Gehazi had done.  The result of his sin was leprosy upon himself and his family.  Sometimes we live with the consequences of our sin, which can be viewed as a burden or as a reminder of God's grace on our souls. After an honest struggle with God, Jacob has his hip out of joint. Paul after his vision had his thorn in the flesh. Even King Uzziah had leprosy until his death because of he thought he could worship in the place of the priest.  God's grace prevails and His mercy extends to all who turn back to Him.

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