Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Mission, Vision & Purpose

    Over the past few months the elders, ministers and deacons have been praying, thinking and talking about the future of the Royal Oak church.  With a good understanding of the past history and considered the current state, we are looking through the eyes of faith into the future.  Our prayer is that God will guide our steps, strengthen our hands and give us courage to advance boldly.

    On Sunday, January 23, 2011 we communicated the following mission and vision statement to the Royal Oak church family and urged each member to commit their time, talents, spiritual gifts and finances to the work that God has for us in this place and time.  With each one working in faith, love and harmony, the Lord will accomplish great things through us.


    Our Mission:

      Seeking God   -   Serving Others   -  Sharing Christ


   Our Vision:

      "We seek to show our love for God through daily personal spiritual growth, by strengthening fellow members, and by growing God's church" 

   Continue in fervant prayer as God works in our lives for His glory.