Online Sermons

Online Sermons

Fear vs. Faith

Series: Rising Above

Sometimes we miss the opportunities to enjoy life, because we are fearful of making mistakes, avoiding failures and letting others down. The fear of failure is debilitating. We have unlimited access to information, news, media and world problems that can immobilize us to move into the future. When we have too many choices, it is difficult to make the right one or to decide what we really want.  The sense of fear is designed to protect us but it can also enslave us. Joshua was called to lead the people of God after Moses died. Since God is with us, we can be strong and courageous. When we meditate continually on God’s Word we will connect, believe and trust that God is with us. We are not alone, because God is always with us. God is bigger and stronger than anything that we will ever face. We first need to accept our feelings and fears. Secondly, we should embrace the power to change. We all make many choices every day. We can choose to face our fear or allow fear to control us. What we keep saying to ourselves and believing about ourselves will influence our direction and destiny. What messages are we believing? Lastly, we must be willing to connect with God through prayer and communicate our feelings with a friend. Choose to be strong and courageous through the power and way that God is providing for you to rise above.

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