Promised One

Series: Great Sermons

When Paul went from city to city, one of the first destinations was the local synagoue where he would find Jews and God fearing Gentiles worshipping the Lord and reading the Old Testament scriptures. After reading from the law and the prophets the leaders asked Paul if he had some words of encouragment for the people. Paul stood to his feet and spoke of God's eternal plan of sending a redeemer who would be the fulfillment of the promise of Abraham; a deliverer from slavery like Moses; a leader like the judges; a ruler like the kings; and a messenger of good news like the prophets.  John the Baptist prepared the way for the promised One, Jesus was crucified by the religious Jews in Jerusalem, but God raised Him from the dead. Salvation is found in Christ alone! Some heard, others followed, and many came back the next week to learn more. How will you respond to the good news of Jesus?

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