Good News

Series: Elisha

The city of Samaria was starving physically, relationally and spiritually. It was the judgment of God upon a sinful and rebellious generation and the Lord was wanting them to repent and return to Him for eternal salvation. There were lepers at the city gate who knew that going into the city would not save them, staying where they were would result in certain death. Their only hope was to surrender to the Syrian army and hope they could eat and live. When God miraculously chased the enemy away the lepers had full right to food, clothing, weapons, luxury and possessions. They soon realized that it is not right to keep this blessed gift was not to be kept only for themselves. There was a city full of friends, family and fellow citizens who needed what they had. They went home and told the good news so salvation would come to the city. We too have a responsitility and opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with those who are starving and dying all around us.

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