Series: Elisha

Naaman, the general of the army of Syria / Aram, was a great man in the eyes of the king, his military and the people in the city. He had everything going for him, except he had leprosy. How long he had hidden the contageious, dibilitating and deadly disesas is unknown.  Often we have dis ease because of something hidden with in that is working its way out to the surface. We resort to fear, shame and isolation, hoping no one will find out we are infected. What sin has taken over your life, your mind, your heart and is now beginning to consume you?  There is hope when you know who to turn to.  Naaman's slave girl had compassion and declared that there is a prophet in Isreal who could heal and cleanse her master. Naaman went, eventually humbling himself and obeying what he was told to do. The prescription was clear and simple. Naaman had to choose if he would do exactly what he was told in order to receive God's blessing. He did and he received more than physical healing, he also turned his heart over to the Lord and committed to worshipping and following the will of Jehovah.

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