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   -  There are no fees, charges or sales (we've got it all covered)!
   -  Child care will be provided in our Bible classes
   -  Check back for additional details as they develop 

  Location:   Royal Oak church of Christ
                        115 S. Campbell Road, Royal Oak, MI  48067       
The Royal Oak church of Christ is committed to helping families learn, grow and fulfill God's plan in their homes.  Let us know how we can help you become a blessing to your family.
      P R E V I O U S   S E M I N A R S   A T   R O Y A L   O A K  

FALL 2013

FALL 2012

What In the World?  with Dr. Brad Harrub

Soul Winning Workshop


FALL 2012

FALL 2011

Conflict Resolution with Dr. Steve Joiner

Marriage Video Seminar


FALL 2010


Family Seminar with Dr. Jerry & Lynn Jones

Metro Detroit Bible Lectureship


FALL 2009


No Debt, No Sweat with Steve Diggs

FireProof Movie Prescreen & Sermon Series