Comforting the Afflicted Workshop

Brother Brian Poe will help us learn how to minister and encourage those who are going through tramatic challenges. We may feel unprepared to visit the hospital, funeral home or those in hospice care, even a friend who has just received bad news. What can we say or do in these life-changing events? Brian was trained and worked as an intern in the hospital chaplaincy program. He will lead this seminar so we can be better equipped and prepared to help others through their pain.

On-line Giving

Some of our members have requested an On-line Giving option. More and more young people do not carry cash and do not have a check book. Everything is done with a card, app or on-line ... from banking, bill payments and coffee. If you are interested in giving "one-time" or setting up recurring giving options click here >>> ON-LINE GIVING PLATFORM >>>

Sunday Worship Video

This Sunday morning the lesson will be live streamed on our YouTube channel at 11:00am and then it will be stored there for future veiwing, reviewing and sharing. CLICK HERE TO WATCH .